Telling Communications Talks

Every Wednesday morning at Camberwell we have a Telling Communications talk. Which involves a professional designer coming in and talking to us about how they work and what they do. They sometimes throw questions out to the audience but are always willing to talk about their work and for you to ask them anything. Which is one of the best things about Camberwell, you can learn so much from talking to these people- and start to understand how the industry functions.

23. 2. 2011

Form, Geometry, Design.
An object of design, an object of contemplation.
Quayola uses photography as a way of assembling a new reality.
unique location and mathematical process
Life relationships to aesthetics.
visualizing sound.

2. 3. 2011
Moving Brands

John Hewitt from Moving Brands was in today, I already knew some stuff about this company from another talk by Jamie Bull, but there is no harm in learning more, especially as the other talk was on employability. When people do these talks I tend to just make a few notes and normally start thinking of ideas of drawing or things that I should remember for business in the future. So today I learnt that brands are changing all the time, you can't just keep them static, they should be adaptable to different situations, internet, publications, etc.

Brands= adaptable, flexible.

'Creativity for a Moving World'
'We create brands that thrive across all platforms and media'
-you have to understand every platform where the brand meets the client, and how this is adaptable to these circumstances.
-When re-branding, a visual historical identity- logos, colour, typefaces. The history of the brand can help to shape the re-branding.
-Documentation is key to everything!! Film documentary- easy for another client to see how you operate and manage a project. Quick and successful.
-Keep in contact with clients- they send personalised gifts out at Christmas.

I spoke to John afterwards about the logo I am designing for The Golden Apple Tress Clinic. Just to see how they'd go about this project. He suggested:
-look at other chiropractors logos
-Use the story behind the name
-Clientèle- what do they expect to see?
-If the employer/company want a new logo then that's great, as you can do something new in that field.