Camberwell Residents Home | Doin' the Lambeth Walk

So the map is finished- all most just a few finishing touches, which will be sorted out soon. Unfortunately the room is not complete as there were meetings going on throughout the week. Which I will need to schedule into the timetable for the forth coming weeks. But it is all coming together, and all the patients and carers seem to like it- always saying how well it is coming along, which is lovely to hear. I thought this might have been out of politeness but now I have a paid job to paint a map of Camberwell at someone else's home once this job is done!!
Which is great as I loved painting it. So the next stage is working on the rest of the room.
I have started to draw up the Lambeth Walk song on the other side of the room, as this room is to do with the local area. And all the Residents know this song and sing along to it. I started off doing this in red, then after speaking to the residents decided on black as it stands out more and is a lot easier to read, practicality comes before the beauty of it. Especially in a residents home you have to do what is best for the residents, they have to live with this. THE CLIENT COMES FIRST! Whatever is the best solution for them.
I need to now finish off these lyrics, order the vinyl, work on the mapping for the home, research the Camberwell area- collate this information and create information graphics for the walls.

Rhythm of Typing
After having a tutorial with Alex Reuben, everything is falling into place, the idea and the filming is looking grand. I will be seeing him again on Wednesday with the further development for this project- I am going to be doing some serious scientific research on hand eye coordination- which I am actually looking forward to- as should structure where this filming goes. And basically i need to get more footage, so then I can work from this. So research and footage.

The Golden Apple Tree Clinic 
Logo designs are coming along for this project. Which now involves me having to design a spine check poster, alongside logo designs. The ideas and drawing behind these logo designs shall be coming soon.