The Golden Apple Tree Clinic | Initial Designs

Explanations for what has been done so far. 
After spending the day with Jonny talking over the logo designs, he really liked the idea of this simple one golden apple. Tad worried may remind me of mac. But he wanted something simple and bold, and i said a logo should be simple so its memorable. So he likes this design so far. There shall be a tree incorporated into this. And should work well as animation for the website design. Also we've agreed that a number of limited edition cards shall be produced which should work beautifully in either letterpress or screen printed medium. Something involving hand crafted materials, especially as this is for a chiropractor that is working with hands and takes patience and a massive element of care like these printing techniques. And I had the idea of laser cutting the bark of the tree that will be incorporated into this. STUNNING hopefully is how these three process will work together.
I decided on a sans serif typeface as most clinical/ medical companies work on the basis of sans serif, verdana for example. But i'd like a twist so need to work on the spacing and sizing of these typefaces.
The clinic is called the golden apple tree clinic, because the golden apple represents eternal health & love. There is a possibility of adding features to the apple for paediatrics as this is where Jonny shall be going in his chiropractic future. Figured a few tweaks to the original logo, would make that quite simple and beautiful. I think I am going to work with the bottom typeface but add edit the vectors so that it either incorporated the spine or apple figure to it, subtle- nothing in your face, just a few beautiful well thought out features, when you start looking at the typography.