Rhythm Of Typing | Final Cut Pro work

Progression with the Rhythm of Typing project is coming along lovely. The sound quality on it is amazing, so much so that I am going to take this project in a new direction. No longer concentrating on hand eye co-ordination but purely the sound that the keys make when typing. I am going to set up a new experiment in which the repetition of words is the focus. Seeing if people type in the same pattern over and over again, or if speed picks up, or they use different fingers when typing again.
I also got told to look at film as an experience not just as a piece you sit and watch what if it were an installation that you walk into and there were multiple screens- and overwhelming experience with sound. I am really looking forward to seeing how this project now develops- as the more i work on it the more it seems to be developing into its own thing. Hopefully by the time I come back to uni at the start of May everything will be in place. Tempted to get all my saved up pennies and buy a great tripod and hd camera, or directional mic. So then I can work on it throughout may. Hopefully should end up with a 2-5 minute film/ experience from this. Below is a non edited version of the hand eye co-oridination, which will now be developed solely concentrating on the rhythm of typing.