Letterpressed Posters

So work on one of my other FMP has begun! And it is going amazingly, letterpress is such a long process but worth it in the end. There will be a series of 6 letter pressed posters in the end, all done on the same paper stock (zerkall) in fluro colours (check the back pages of the pantone book). There will be a base line of text explaining where the quotes came from in gill sans (roman 12 pt), all in black with a line rule above. And all of these posters will fit in the format of SRA2. Sticking to these restricted guidelines, should pull all 6 of these posters together- creating the look of a series without having to use the same typeface throughout on the main text.

Reasoning behind these posters
--> I get inspired by people and communicating with strangers, I used to commute into London almost everyday for the first two years of my degree, and met a new and wonderful person almost everyday. I realised that a lot of the work I do is made thanks to these random conversations as it starts me thinking in a new light and triggers off all these ideas in my head.
So these 6 quotes are from 6 fleeting conversations that I have had with strangers and the quotes are what made me smile or laugh when meeting them. Haven't finalised the title of this project yet, but something along the line of funny fleets, need to play on my words more though. I am onto my third poster, and hopefully the basic fluro colours shall all be printed by this friday, so then when I return after Easter I can just print the black. The colours are intense and am loving the mix of modern colours with old school printing. I cannot wait to use Grot 19 as the next typeface, should look amazing!