Arts Libris Book Fair | Barcelona

2 Books designed and made for Barcelona book fair.

Top book: Glamours top hot men of 2009. A list of 45 of the hottest men, which I then drew out each person, so 45 heads. which were then designed in illustrator, then laser cut into cardboard then lino printed into a concertina book in baby blue on some beautiful paper bought from JC Purcells. Each book is individual as throughout the process different sections of the faces fell off- due to the nature of laser cutting through cardboard. Baby blue was the colour chosen to print the faces in witht he cover being in a deep red. Pocket sized book.

Bottom Book: Taken from the old school typeface found on phones originally when texting, I then broke this down so that they could be cross stitched. I wanted more of a loving feel to the book. Also a bit of a DIY project, as when you get the book you can then cross stitch the whole book if you want to. The book is called love texts and am playing on how texts can be read in different ways. It's a story between a boy and a girl, where because one hasn't replied for a while the other one gets annoyed, no x's. Just think its funny how people interpret texts. So if something is in CAPITALS it is taken as being angry. I was wondering if you could have a text typeface which could be in italics, bold and regular. Maybe used as a key for interpreting texts. Fascinated by the language of texts as well. It's like a whole other world. This book is also just slightly bigger than the original mobile size.

There is a series of about 10 per book to be sold at the book fair in Barcelona.