Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

Routes: Dancing to New Orleans  (Still taken from trailer)
On Friday I went to the Ritzy Cinema, Brixton (a great local independent cinema), to watch Line Dance, Routes (Both Alex Reuben) & some of the 2nd years video work. Some of the main things that I took away from this is, when I finish my video work, it would be a great idea to get together with the other 3rd year video students and arrange a screening at the Ritzy or another independent cinema, as its amazing to see video work in this space. Also after seeing Routes: Dancing to New Orleans, all I could think is wow people are amazing, the human body is amazing and the rhythm of life I fascinating. I just wanted to go out and film the way the human body moves- especially how people interact with one another on the streets of London in rush hour would be fascinating. Alex spoke about his work afterwards and what really got me is when he mentioned about dance being the only true freedom people have, it's a way of being creative and people can't stop you. But I must concentrate on the projects I am working on at the moment. But this relates to the rhythm of typing, with Alex's work it is body rhythm whereas mine at the moment is to do with eye and hand rhythms. 
SOUND is so important and I'd like to invest in a great mic, whether that is renting it out or buying and thing it is well worth it. Without the sound, yes it would be visually interesting, but the sound makes work appealing to the audience. I must remember this when editing my own work- if the sound is rubbish and visuals great, it will hold the audience's attention for a while, but if the sound is great and the visuals rubbish people are more likely to stay to watch/ listen to more of it.

After speaking to Alex about my Rhythm of Typing project, he said I needed to find the kernel, that i can work from for this project, what is my reasoning behind it? My main interest being in how people digest the words/sentences they are given in copytyping and how their eyes read the script and their hand movements react to this action. But i need to go into more depth with this and look into the science of this. So am now researching lots into neuroscience and motor response (?) and cognitive response (?). I need to keep it basic, as my knowledge of biology is not amazing. And it is about the visual research for this project not the written element.