Fleeting Phrases| Poster Development

I have spent the last 2 days, a total of 12 hours letterpressing, a bit of back ache, a lot of giggles and some useful bits of knowledge have been gathered along the way too. But they are finished I have printed both the silver ink, along the left hand side and the pantone black ink in the centre (roughly- looked better slightly off centre thanks to the silver being on the left hand side, when centred literally using a ruler, didn't physically look centred, balanced this by adding a few mm along). Due to luckily prior thinking through of the task I was able to set up a slot for the type to go in each time I was printing different posters, making this a lot quicker and easier process. (worth the effort to space appropriately in advance). Still need to buy frames for these to go in to for the exhibition, but that will get done soon. It is now time to more on to how to package these when sold- which I am almost finished doing, using bright colours (specifically fluro) to keep this theme throughout.