Telling Communication Talks | Bibliotheque

John Jeffrys of Bibliotheque came in for the telling communication talks today.
Amazing I love this studio and they way that they work


I need to take note of this advice, i forget so quickly how amazing the collection of books are at uni, so i have decided that I shall start to take them out more often and learn more and more whilst I have these resources still available. I'd preferably like to gather a collection of books/reference material and catalogue these- with all the design that I just find amazing, doesn't matter in what area- photography, graphics, illustration or architecture. I generally tend to buy books that inspire me, but i don't have an unlimited supply of money to spend- so looks like my spare hours shall be spent loving Camberwell library- I think this should benefit me and my design skills a lot.

> Everybody is equal when doing a project.
> Our passion comes across, we're not very professional.
> Trying to win the project not solve the problem. (why he hates pitching/ free pitching)
> Try and get the client to understand the design process.
> Bring graphics and structure together.
>Completely agree with the quote: a jack of all trades, master of none.

I love the fact that at this studio they have a separate table for them all to have lunch together and talk over everything and anything, and they believe this is essential! And the amount of books they own as a collective is just unbelievable.