Rhythmic Typing | Timings

So this is just the beginning of what I feel will be an amazingly fun and testing time, learning about final cut express. And getting stuck into the Rhythm of Typing project, which I may rename rhythmic typing, depending on the qualities of it at the end and which title suits it best.

I have sped up this clip so that it lasts one minute exactly, I wish to do this with all of them and see how they all sound together, with this sped up, you can truly  hear the rhythm and also hear the same mistakes being made each time, which was only being picked up a little at its natural speed.

The quality on blogger doesn't look that amazing so may start up a youtube account and transfer them through that.

 the idea
Getting a range of people to type the same sentence over and over again, 10 times. I shall be looking at how peoples hand movements change and the rhythm of this. Seeing if they use the same movements if the pace quickens or if the same mistakes are made each time. I can see this project leading on to many things but I shall have to concentrate on just getting one of these ideas sorted out.
I haven't plucked just any sentence out of thin air, as per ever I have been logical about this process. Looking up what where the fastest words that could be typed on a QWERTY keyboard, looking at repetition within a sentence, most commonly typed words and words that make the subject use different areas of the keyboard. I also made the sentence make sense so that the subject didn't have to type random words that would not make a sentence which could confuse them.

I know I should be concentrating on purely the idea and the filming/editing at the moment but the idea for the packaging of this is already playing around in my head and cannot wait to see this all come together.