The Golden Apple Tree Clinic | Business & Appointment Card

Screen shot of working in Illustrator to create the back & front of the business cards.
Had a difficulty with this as there are 2 address to be put on the business card.
Cannot wait to see this printed in spot UV varnish. It will make me very happy to see the final product.
With this being a specialist effect on the card, there is now no need for a limited edition series made in letterpress, which is a shame- but practical. So maybe in the future once he has a set basis of clients.
Appointment cards have also been designed- this is them in their illustrator form, i cannot wait to see how they are to be printed. I am really happy how well the front and back connect with one another. It was a simple idea- but looks and works really well i think. Blue lines won't appear on print, they are just me playing around with the guideline- to make everything beautifully aligned. 
Changed the typeface to gill sans on the business card, as feel it is easier on the eye to read then Futura. Plus I don't really want the bulk of text to be in the same typeface as the logo.
- also attention to detail- check out the @ signs on the e-mail, changed font sizing so that the sizing is in align with the rest of the text, otherwise it looks funny and the wrong sizing in comparison to the rest of it.